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Authentic Mexican Food

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Here are some of the most traditional dishes in Mexico, many of which can be found at La Diosa Tulum Bar and Grill and at El Silver Tulum, just a few steps from the beach and near the famous Mayan ruins in Tulum.

Birria, is a Mexican dish from the state of Jalisco. The Spanish term "Birria" is used to describe immaterial things without value or quality. It is a traditional ancestral soup or stew made from a combination of chili pepper-based goat meat adobo, garlic, cumin, bay leaves and thyme, and cooked at a low heat. Not to be confused with barbacoa, which is cooked underground, Birria is slow-stewed in a Pot (olla). Beef, lamb or sheep meat are alternatives for goat. It may be seasoned and garnished with onion, cilantro and lime. It is commonly accompanied with handmade corn tortillas.

Mole Poblano, Mulli, the Aztec word for mole means mix or sauce. An exquisite delicacy from the colonial city of Puebla, México. If I close my eyes I can remember that aroma of my grandmother’s kitchen – I see her mixing the chocolate with the mulato, pasilla and ancho chile mixture in a massive clay pot. This sauce was combined with a very unique paste that she made from scratch – pieces of bread, corn tortilla, tomatoes, garlic, onion, anise, cinnamon, black pepper, roasted nuts and other ingredients.

Tlayuda, sometimes spelled clayuda, and also referred to as "Oaxaca pizza", is a handmade dish in traditional Oaxacan cuisine, consisting of a large, thin, crunchy, partially fried or toasted tortilla, covered with a spread of refried beans, lettuce or cabbage, avocado, meat (usually shredded chicken, beef tenderloin or pork), Oaxaca cheese, and salsa.

Cemitas are a Mexican sandwich that originally hails from the State of Puebla and gets its name from the bun itself, also known as a cemita. This recipe shows you how to make a Pueblan-style cemita with a fried milanesa beef, chicken, or pork cutlet filling. Loaded with fine strands of shredded Oaxacan cheese, plenty of ripe avocado, chipotles or pickled jalapeños and papalo, a fragrant Mexican herb with a flavor all its own, it's a masterpiece of sandwich construction.

We hope you liked this article and you can share with us what you think, as well as if you have already tried any of these delicious dishes. See you in La Diosa Tulum.

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